HCSI - Hoffman Consulting Services, Inc.  BBB Business Review
Hoffman Consulting Services Inc. (HCSI)

Corporate Philosophy
Our business was incorporated in 1998 in the State of Virginia and
is founded upon honesty, integrity, and fairness for all concerned.  
We are structured to respond quickly, flexibly, and effectively to our
client's needs and requests.

Services Provided
We offer both private sector and governmental business services.

We have been providing business assistance services since 1996.
Business Overview
HCSI specializes in business development, business organization
and management, business plan assistance and development,
professional and personal development, business infrastructure,
and business and educational seminars.  

HCSI also provides educational seminar services in the areas of
leadership, management, supervision, administration, and change
management that can be tailored for your organization.
What We Do Best!!!!!!!!!
We strive to achieve the following goals for our clients:
- On time quality services for our clients; remembering that the   
customer drives the train!!!!!
- Complete customer satisfaction
- Accomplish tasks and deliver products on time
- Provide quality customer service and business support
- Maintain excellent business assistance to our clients
- Provide business services and products at competitive prices
and within budget
Hoffman Consulting Services Inc. (HCSI)